The Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital Diabetic Wound Care Center is renowned for its modern medical equipment and teams of experienced medical specialists with an aim to reduce organ loss and enhance quality and longevity of diabetic patients' lives.

Renowned for its modern medical equipment, the Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital Diabetic Wound Care Center houses am oxygen treatment unit complete with innovations like the latest model of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. This technology is useful for the treatment of clogged capillaries, which causes a restriction of blood supply to peripheral tissues, by making use of oxygen at a high atmospheric pressure to increase oxygen content in bloodstream to nourish and stimulate the formation of capillaries that carry blood to peripheral tissues. As a result, premature tissue death and the infection of diabetic wounds can be prevented.

For wound dressing surgery, the innovative Low-Frequency Ultrasound Debridement or Hydrosurgical Debridement is applied in place of traditional bladed surgery. These two innovations make use of water energy to remove dead tissues from wounds without damaging good tissues, while stimulating good tissue growth at the same time.

In order to stimulate good issue growth, Non-thermal Atmospheric Pressure Argon Plasma, a medical innovation that makes use of plasma injections instead of stem cells, is applied to wound areas. The result is faster wound healing and a higher success rate of wound closure surgery to be performed by our plastic surgery specialists.

In addition, the Diabetic Wound Care Center boasts many other innovations that support treatment such as Transcutaneous Oximeters and Magnetic Nerve Stimulators. Our teams of experienced plastic surgery specialists, along with multi-professional staff and medical technicians, collaborate to plan on treatment procedures of maximum effectiveness, making optimal decisions on the timely use of technology that suits each patient. The Center’s internal medical experts also work to support the treatment of chronic complications of diabetes, such as heart and kidney disease, to inhibit the factors that can worsen the condition. Our ultimate aim is to prevent diabetic amputation and enhance quality and longevity of diabetic patients’ lives.

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